Our Vision

To see the emergence of a critical mass of future young citizens of Pakistan who will have education, intellectual ability, knowledge and character to meet the challenges facing the country in the 21" century.”

Our Mission

In this age of knowledge, to provide modern quality education to the bright children of the marginalized sections of Pakistan’s rural society in particular, with a view to producing able leaders in various fields of human endeavor. The core objectives of KEF’s mission are that its schools which will be few in number, will be ‘Gold Standard Schools’ and not common run of the mill type. They will nurture and produce students of high caliber who

  •          become role models with enquiring minds, have zest for knowledge, possess self-confidence and character and who
  •          attain academic excellence and believe in the value systems embracing universal human values particularly those enshrined in Islam.

KEF’s motto is quality and excellence and not numbers. It is a part of its mission that its schools will produce each year around 100 students who not only meet the criteria mentioned above but they are also at par with their counterparts in the advanced countries of the world in terms of their knowledge of physics, chemistry, biology, mathematic, English and advanced I.T. The turnout of such students by KEF’s schools as well as highly qualified teachers of junior and senior classes of international standard by Joan Atkinson College of Teacher Education (JACTE) and the other institute will be KEF’s modest contribution each year to the realization of its vision of Pakistan.”

Established in

893 students
in 8 schools

1250 teachers

The Result

KEF - Pearl Valley Public School's 331
graduates completed higher studies
from top institutions and are currently serving the nation in various fields.


Armed Forces


Medical Doctors




Corporate Sector Or Self-Employed(MBA's)

Sponsor A

  • Cover Full Cost: Rs 5,190/-
  • Cover Half Host: Rs 2,595/-
  • Cover a Portion of Cost: Rs 1,500/-
  • Cover a Portion of Cost: Rs 1,000/-
  • Cover a Portion of Cost: Rs 500/-


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General Donation

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